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Thanksgiving Photo Booth Templates

Our Thanksgiving Photo Booth Templates feature warm, rustic & homely design styles perfect for Thanksgiving events, dinners and celebrations.

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving designs that reflect the warmth and cosiness of the Holiday season, our designs are just what you need.

Orange, red & yellow colours come together as golden hues, accompanied by decorations of roast turkey, autumnal leaves and fall season foliage.

Each template is easy-to-use and comes in DSLR Booth, LumaBooth, Darkroom, Photoshop PSD & Transparent PNG Overlay formats.

Latest Templates in: Thanksgiving Photo Booth Templates
Thanksgiving Photo Booth Templates

Easy-to-Use Thanksgiving Photo Booth Templates by TemplatesBooth

Welcome to TemplatesBooth, your one-stop destination for Thanksgiving Photo Booth Templates that capture the essence of the autumnal holiday season.

Our expert designers have crafted a range of Thanksgiving photo booth layouts that’ll ensure your Thanksgiving events, family gatherings, and festive celebrations are unforgettable.

Best in Class Photo Booth Layout Designs

Best-in-Class Designs Crafted by Professional Designers

Our Thanksgiving templates incorporate traditional seasonal elements such as pumpkins, cornucopias, and warm candlelight into clean and modern designs that’ll suit any event.

The warm and rustic color palettes feature earthy tones and autumnal shades, perfectly complementing the festive atmosphere. Whether you’re hosting a small family dinner or a large-scale community event, our templates cater to every occasion.

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We get it. Different photo booth owners use different photo booth softwares, and not everyone can use Photoshop.

That’s why every single one of our photo booth templates, including these Thanksgiving photo booth templates, are directly compatible with DSLR Booth, LumaBooth, and Darkroom.

We also provide fully layered & editable Photoshop PSD files for maximum customization alongside Transparent PNG Overlays to ensure seamless integration into any photo booth setup.