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Meet The TemplatesBooth™ Widget

Embed Our Library of Templates Directly on Your Own Website with the TemplatesBooth™ Widget

Available to All Members

The TemplatesBooth™ Widget is available to all customers with an active membership at no additional cost!

Embed Directly on Your Own Website

You can embed the TemplatesBooth™ Widget directly onto your website or blog. Simply copy and paste the code found on your account page.

Responsive Design

The responsive design of the TemplatesBooth™ Widget works perfectly on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Automatically Updates with New Designs

The TemplatesBooth™ Widget automatically updates to show the latest photo booth designs from our website to yours!

Built-In Customer Request Form

Customers can select and request a design from right within the TemplatesBooth™ Widget, with details of their request emailed directly to you.

Search Box

Your customers can search for specific designs and styles directly inside the widget without having to leave your website.

How to Embed the TemplatesBooth™ Widget:

1. Go to your Account page

On your Account Page you'll find a "Widget Embed Code". Copy this code.

2. Paste code into your website!

Simply paste this code onto your website and the Widget will load automatically - it's that easy!

Note that you will need an active membership, otherwise the code will not work.
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Widget Version: 1.0 (Beta)

See the live widget demo below: