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FAQs for TemplatesBooth

Browsing our FAQs can be a great way to get quick answers to commonly asked questions.

If you don’t find an answer to your particular concern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always happy to hear from photo booth owners looking to use our templates.
For license details, please see our Licenses Page.

Quick Links:

General questions:

• Do your templates really work with DSLR Booth, LumaBooth & Darkroom Booth?

Yes! We convert all of our templates into native formats for DSLR Booth, LumaBooth and Darkroom Booth. We also include alternative files for both Mac and PC users, ensuring every template works flawlessly with the system you use.

• Can I use your templates without Photoshop?

Yes! All of our photo booth templates are available in formats for DSLR Booth and Darkroom Booth, Lumabooth, as well as Photoshop PSD & Transparent PNG.
The TemplatesBooth Membership gives you access to all file formats (DSLR Booth, PSD & PNG) at no additional cost.
Our Photoshop PSD files will require Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later, though we highly recommend Adobe Photoshop CC for maximum compatibility.

• Do you integrate with Check Cherry or Booth Book?

Yes! Our Check Cherry integration is active for all premium members. Booth Book will be integrated later in the year.

• Do you take on custom work?

Unfortunately, as we’re such a small team, we’re not currently available to take on custom freelance work.
However, with that being said, we are always interested to know what type of templates you need in your business. Please contact us with your ideas and we’ll try our best to add them to the website.

• Is joining your website safe?

Yes! Absolutely, our website is safe. We currently have thousands of photo booth owners using our service each and every month.
Our website is secured using an SSL certificate, which ensures your connection here is always safe, encrypted & private. Also, we don’t store any sensitive user or customer details on our own servers.
For payments, we use industry-leading payment solutions PayPal and Stripe, both of which are PCI DSS compliant, and well-known as the industry standard for accepting payments online.

• I get an error when I open a .zip file

Incomplete downloads are the top cause of .zip file errors. Please try re-downloading the .zip file.
because we leave all layers and design elements as editable for the end user, some of our files are pretty darn large. As so, they can take a few minutes to download. If during this time your connection is interrupted, it can cause the file to not fully download. This often results in an error message when opening the .zip file.
If the problem persists, please contact us and we’ll dig into the issue for you.

• How do I install missing fonts?

Some of our templates use custom fonts which are not native to PC or Mac. However, all the fonts we do use are free to download and use in commercial work.
If you don’t have the required fonts already installed on your computer, you’ll see an error pop-up in Photoshop, or your DSLR Booth Templates will default to basic fonts.
You can find all required fonts and links to their download source in the “Documentation” folder included with all templates.
Please see the following links for instructions on installing fonts:

• Do you have free templates?

Yes! We have plentiful freebies here on TemplatesBooth, all of which can be used in your commercial or client work.
See our full range of Free Photo Booth Templates. Note that all our freebies include both DSLR Booth, PSD & PNG formats 🙂

Membership questions:

• Are there download limits?

No. All premium accounts come with 100% unlimited downloads. There are absolutely no download limits imposed on premium accounts.
Free account members can only access free templates.

• How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your account via the “Your Membership” page. Navigate to your account page, then the subscriptions page and click the “cancel” link.
You will continue to have access to all templates until your billing period expires. Once cancelled, your subscription will not renew.

• Do price increases affect existing members?

Nope! If, in the future, the price of our premium membership increases, it will not affect existing premium members. The price you sign up with today will always stay the same for you.

• How long does it take to activate my account?

When you sign up as a premium member today, you’ll instantly activate your premium member’s account and get instant & unlimited access to all our premium downloads.

License details:

For full license details, please see our License Page.

• How many times can I use a template?

As many times as you need! We don’t restrict how many times you can use a template.
If you’re a premium member, you can use our premium templates as many times as you like in both personal and commercial projects.
This also applies to free members, however, free members are limited to using only our free templates.

• Can I use your templates in commercial work?

Yes, of course you can! After all, that’s why we make them – to help you make more money with your photo booth business! 😉

• Can I resell your templates?

No, you may not resell our templates. Whilst we’re happy for you to make money from our templates by using them in your own photo booth business, we don’t allow members to resell or redistribute our source files.

Account issues:

• I can’t login, help!

Please try resetting your password using the Forgot Password form.
If you continue to have issues logging in, contact us and we’ll happily help you figure out the problem!

• I want to delete my account

No problem at all, please contact us and we’ll happily delete your account for you.

• I can no longer download templates

If you were a premium member and you can no longer access our premium downloads, it may be that your account has expired. Please check when your last payment was made and if this has resulted in a lapsed account.
If your latest payment was made successfully and you believe your premium access should still be valid, please contact support and we’ll look into the issue for you asap.

• Can I get a refund?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If you’re not absolutely satisfied with our templates or you didn’t get chance to use a design in your business, please contact us and we’ll happily process a refund for you.
Please note: we are unable to issue refunds for payments after 30 days has passed since the original payment was made.