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About TemplatesBooth

About Us
TemplatesBooth is a design resource website for professional photo booth entrepreneurs.

If you’re a photo booth owner and you’re looking to improve the design of your printed photo strips, TemplatesBooth is for you.

Our range of readymade photo booth templates helps you produce professional designs in just a few clicks.

Our templates come in Photoshop PSD, Transparent PNG & DSLR Booth format, giving you maximum flexibility over the final design.

About Me

My name is Adam McIntyre and I’m the founder here at TemplatesBooth.

I’ve been a graphic designer for 15 years, and of those, I’ve been producing design templates professionally for over a decade and operate a number of graphic design related websites.

When it comes to design templates, I thoroughly enjoy producing assets which help design-based entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses.

Why should you use TemplatesBooth?

TemplatesBooth is a new website, founded in May 2019. As such a new website, I’m sure you’ve got some questions about what makes us special, and why you should use our templates.

Templates created by Industry Veterens

Whilst TemplatesBooth is new, the designers behind it are anything but. I (Adam) have been creating professional design templates for over a decade. Likewise, my team partner King has been working with for the last 3 years.

In just the last three years, King & I have produced over 1,000 premium templates for a wide range of industries and an extensive list of top-tier clients. So, it’s safe to say, whilst we’re new to photo booth templates, our design skills can meet the challenge.

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Professional-Grade Photo Booth Templates

We’ve taken on the challenge to make templates that’ll cross the compatibility divide of photo booth software.

That’s why all our templates will work with both Adobe Photoshop and DSRL Booth.

As I mention above, there are over 50 different types of photo booth software. For this reason, it’s pretty difficult to create templates for each one whilst also maintaining quality.

Instead, we feel that it is a better solution to provide our designs for DSLR Booth, but also as layered Photoshop PSD files, enabling photobooth owners to customise layouts for their other specific photo booth softwares.

If you’re a novice Photoshop user, fear not. With over a decade of template-building experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about producing easy-to-edit templates – and we also include easy-to-use transparent PNGs for you to load into your software as overlays.

Each of our PSD files are well organised into clearly labelled groups & layers. Honestly, even those who’ve never used Photoshop will be comfortable with our designs!

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How we build our templates

In order to create templates that’ll work with as many photo booths as possible, we use a handful of design tricks.

Firstly, we create our templates using colours that work well in both RGB & CMYK colour modes, ensuring you always get print-perfect results.

We also reduce the use of unnecessary layer-styles & blend-modes to prevent errors when exporting your final design.

Lastly, by combining layers into easily & logically exportable groups, our designs remain editable but remain simple & easy to use.

Want to know more?

I’m always excited to hear from people who use – or want to use – the templates I’m a part of creating.

If you have any questions about TemplatesBooth, or you have a suggestion for templates you’d like to see on the site, please reach out and send us an email 🙂