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Free Elegant Wedding Photo Booth Template

Create an elegant wedding design quicker than she can walk down the aisle with this stylish free template for Photoshop.

Sometimes you don’t need to fill your designs with as many elements as possible. Sometimes you need something more minimal and refined.

So, that’s exactly what we’ve done with our free elegant wedding photo booth templates. Ready to try them out?

This free template keeps the focus well and truly on the photography itself, keeping decoration and branding to a minimum. With that said, the small area of decoration is well designed, suited to clients with a refined & elegant taste.

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As with all our photo booth templates, you can easily customise this design to match your client’s wishes, and considering how simplified this design is, those wishes could be just about anything.

From weddings and birthdays to graduations and baby showers, a minimal design like this is incredibly versatile in its uses.

File information:

This free photo booth template includes 3 unique layouts sized for 4×6″ and 2×6″ prints. The templates come Photoshop PSD, Darkroom & DSLR Booth format.

As with all our free photo booth templates, this DIY layout is royalty-free and available for commercial use. This means you can use it in your photobooth business without asking us for permission. Enjoy!

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Free Elegant Wedding Photo Booth Templates Preview

Take a look at the preview images below to see just has elegant these free wedding photo booth templates are:

Free Elegant Wedding Photo Booth Templates

This resource is for email newsletter subscribers only. Please fill out the form below to download this content.

p.s, if you do find this template useful and use it for one of your wedding clients, please send us a message with a picture or leave a comment with your feedback below. Thanks!



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  1. Love these templates! However, I downloaded the free elegant wedding template and the font did not transfer. The lettering came in simple Arial font. Is there something special that I missed doing?

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