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Military Photo Booth Templates

Our collection of Military Photo Booth Templates includes various designs for Navy, Army & Air Force events and celebrations.

The designs feature insignia and illustrations related to each military wing, such as tanks, ships and airplanes.

These designs are suitable for military parades, passing out ceremonies, remebrance days and veteran retirement parties.

Each template is easy-to-use and comes in DSLR Booth, LumaBooth, Darkroom, Photoshop PSD & Transparent PNG Overlay formats.

Latest Templates in: Military Photo Booth Templates
Army Photo Booth Template

Army Photo Booth Template

Army Photo Booth Template in DSLR Booth, Darkroom, Photoshop PSD & Transparent PNG Formats Here we have an Army Photo Booth Template with camo / camouflage background texture. Ideal

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Military Photo Booth Template

Military Photo Booth Template

A Military Photo Booth Template in DSLR Booth, Darkroom, Photoshop PSD & Transparent PNG Formats Featuring a battlefield backdrop and soldiers silhouette, this Photo Booth Template is ideal for

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Military Photo Booth Templates

Easy-to-Use Military Photo Booth Templates by TemplatesBooth

Discover a wide range of Military Photo Booth Templates at TemplatesBooth, your one-stop destination for high-quality and professionally designed photo booth layouts.

Our military-themed designs cater to Navy, Army, and Air Force events. Our templates are also suitable for various military occasions, including homecoming celebrations, base events, fundraisers, graduation ceremonies and recruitment drives.

Best in Class Photo Booth Layout Designs

Best-in-Class Designs Crafted by Professional Designers

At TemplatesBooth, we’re proud to be a leader in photo booth layout design, and we’re particularly proud of the military themed photo booth layouts we have available in our library.

Our photo booth templates boast high-resolution graphics, incorporating military-themed elements like camouflage patterns, flags, and service emblems. We’re truly proud in delivering visually appealing designs that truly capture the spirit of military events & celebrations.

Backed-Up by World-Class Customer Support

At TemplatesBooth, we don’t just provide good-looking designs. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service and support as much as we pride ourselves on our design skills.

We’re confident in the quality of our retro photo booth templates and are committed to helping your business create lasting memories for your clients.

Our dedicated customer support team is always on hand to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

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We get it. Different photo booth owners use different photo booth softwares, and not everyone can use Photoshop.

That’s why every single one of our photo booth templates, including these Military photo booth templates, are directly compatible with DSLR Booth, LumaBooth, and Darkroom.

We also provide fully layered & editable Photoshop PSD files for maximum customization alongside Transparent PNG Overlays to ensure seamless integration into any photo booth setup.