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Chinese New Year Photo Booth Templates

Featuring rich red & gold colours, these Chinese New Year Photo Booth Templates are a perfect choice for Asian and Chinese holiday events.

Each template is easy-to-use and comes in DSLR Booth, LumaBooth, Darkroom, Photoshop PSD & Transparent PNG Overlay formats.

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Chinese New Year Photo Booth Templates

Easy-to-Use Chinese New Year Photo Booth Templates by TemplatesBooth

Welcome to TemplatesBooth, the premier destination for culturally-accurate, authentic and high-quality Chinese New Year Photo Booth Templates.

Our expert team of designers have crafted each template to exude the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year, ensuring your photo booth captures the essence of this ancient and culturally rich holiday.

Our Chinese New Year Photo Booth Templates are adorned with traditional elements such as lanterns, fireworks, dragons, and auspicious symbols, reflecting the customs and traditions of this vibrant celebration.

Best in Class Photo Booth Layout Designs

Best-in-Class Designs Crafted by Professional Designers

Our Chinese New Year Photo Booth Templates feature festive graphics such as dragons, lanterns, and auspicious typography.

Tailor colors, text, and elements to craft an authentic Chinese or Asian inspired design that encapsulates the spirit of your celebration.

Moreover, our templates are adaptable and suitable for various Chinese New Year events, cultural gatherings, and other related festivities such as Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Qingming Festival and Double Ninth Festival.

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Our extensive library of Chinese New Year Photo Booth Templates is continually updated to include the latest designs and trends, and we support our products with a satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you’re hosting a grand Chinese New Year gala or an intimate family gathering, our Chinese New Year Photo Booth templates are the perfect solution to help you create lasting memories.

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We get it. Different photo booth owners use different photo booth softwares, and not everyone can use Photoshop.

That’s why every single one of our photo booth templates, including these Chinese New Year photo booth templates, are directly compatible with DSLR Booth, LumaBooth, and Darkroom.

We also provide fully layered & editable Photoshop PSD files for maximum customization alongside Transparent PNG Overlays to ensure seamless integration into any photo booth setup.