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Our Wedding Photo Booth templates cover every style from rustic and cozy to modern and minimalist themes.

An exceptional selection of clean, modern, and elegant minimalist photo booth designs for birthdays, weddings & more.

Lush palm leaves & vibrant colours, ensure our Tropical Photo Booth Layouts are perfect for summer events in tropical locations.

Give the perfect gift to your client with one of our stylish Birthday Photo Booth Templates, from Sweet 16th to more mature ages.

Bring the energy of Las Vegas to your photo booth layouts with our neon-lit Photo Booth templates for Casinos.

The Art Deco style has simply never gone out of fashion, making these layouts a timeless addition to your collection.

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The A-Z of Our Photo Booth Template Categories:

Celebrate Independence Day with vibrant 4th of July Photo Booth templates. Elevate your event with patriotic and festive customizable designs.

Explore exquisite African Photo Booth templates, embodying rich cultures and diverse aesthetics for a vibrant, unforgettable photo booth experience.

Unleash the elegance of the roaring twenties with Art Deco Photo Booth templates, blending vintage charm and modern sophistication effortlessly.

Immerse in the warm hues of Autumn & Fall Photo Booth templates, enhancing your event with seasonal elegance and cozy charm.

Create tender memories with Baby Shower templates, weaving moments of anticipation, joy, and love into beautiful photographic keepsakes.

Capture the essence of tradition and joy with our Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth templates, designed for memorable and spiritual celebrations.

Illuminate birthday celebrations with captivating templates that breathe life, fun, and personalized elegance into every cherished photographic moment.

Experience the patriotic spirit with Canada Day Photo Booth templates, infusing celebrations with national pride through creative and captivating designs.

Roll the dice on captivating Casino Photo Booth templates, guaranteeing a jackpot of fun and excitement in every cherished snapshot.

Usher in prosperity with Chinese New Year templates, weaving tradition and festive elegance into each photo booth capture and celebration.

Spread holiday cheer with enchanting Christmas Photo Booth templates, making every picture a festive, memorable, and joyous celebration.

Ignite the fiesta with Cinco De Mayo templates, adding vibrant colors and festive flair to commemorate the rich Mexican heritage.

Embrace the rustic charm of Country & Western Photo Booth templates, perfect for capturing the essence of cowboy chic and tradition.

Celebrate the vibrancy of life and memories with Dia De Los Muertos templates, infused with colorful and spiritually rich designs.

Hop into the spirit of Easter with our lively templates, turning each snapshot into a delightful, spring-filled festive keepsake.

Craft heartwarming memories with Family & Children templates, curating lovely captures filled with innocence, love, and unforgettable family moments.

Mark academic achievements with our Graduation templates, ensuring every milestone is celebrated with pomp, pride, and memorable photographic keepsakes.

Unleash spooky creativity with Halloween templates, enhancing eerie celebrations with designs as unforgettable as the hauntingly festive moments they capture.

Celebrate love and diversity with LGBT templates, capturing moments filled with pride, joy, and the radiant colors of equality.

Dive into the vibrant revelry of Mardi Gras with templates that encapsulate the festival’s wild energy and colorful extravagance.

Honor the brave with Military templates, capturing the essence of service, valor, and pride in every memorable event commemoration.

Elevate your event with Minimalist templates, embodying simplicity and elegance, ensuring each moment captured is a timeless, artistic expression.

Ring in the new year with dazzling NYE templates, encapsulating the excitement and glamour of year-end celebrations in every snapshot.

Capture the essence of the night with dynamic Nightlife templates, infusing each photo with the energy, style, and allure of after-dark.

Celebrate Oktoberfest with spirited templates that encapsulate the fun, frolic, and festive vibes of this beloved Bavarian tradition.

Celebrate faith and devotion with Religious templates, weaving spiritual grace and divine blessings into every cherished photographic memory.

Step back in time with Retro templates, infusing photos with nostalgic charm, vintage vibes, and a touch of timeless elegance.

Experience the luck of the Irish with St. Patrick’s Day templates, enriching memories with vibrant greens and festive Celtic charm.

Bask in the warmth of gratitude with Thanksgiving templates, crafting photos that harvest smiles, love, and memorable festive gatherings.

Dive into a paradise of colors with Tropical templates, infusing each photo with the breathtaking allure of exotic, tropical vibes.

Cherish love’s enchantment with Valentine’s templates, creating romantic captures filled with affection, tenderness, and heartwarming memorable moments.

Immortalize matrimonial bliss with elegant Wedding templates, crafting exquisite photo memories that echo love’s timeless and romantic symphony.

Embrace the winter’s magic with templates that crystallize the season’s beauty, turning each capture into a frosty, enchanting keepsake.

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